Why Use Hummeze?

"I used to have to brush and scrub the feeders clean. Not any more with Hummeze!"

Trudy M.

"I love Hummeze! It's so easy and quick. The feeders have never looked cleaner."

Linda S.

Hummeze is an eco-friendly, effective formula that not only works, it works FOR you! Here are some more reasons to use Hummeze:


  1. No bleach, chlorine, or harsh chemicals that could harm hummingbirds and the environment.
  2. Throw away those brushes! No need to brush or scrub! 
  3. It's economical! Don't throw away your old feeders; let Hummeze clean them for you.
  4. Cleans the tiny places that brushes can't reach.
  5. Cleans and removes dangerous black mold.
  6. ​It's a patent-pending made-in-America formula. You are supporting American innovation and an American product!
  7.  Hummeze is a disability-owned small business.
  8.  Because feeders are so easy to clean, you can buy more of them and have more hummingbirds in your garden to enjoy!

"It's Humm-ezy. And fun!"

Cooper P.

 Hummeze cleans your hummingbird feeders safely and simply with its patent-pending, proprietary blend of cleaning agents. Our unique colormetric formula changes the water from colored to clear when the feeders are clean. No brushes! No scrubbing! No worries! Cleaning your feeders has never been this easy or quick.

Bubbles! See Hummeze cleaning in action.

Buy Hummeze online and from selected retail stores!

Hummeze! For End-of-Season Cleaning ... for start-of-season cleaning ... for ANY feeder cleaning!


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Hummeze is up to the challenge in the DIRT DISASTER experiment!

How to Hummeze! Easy, safe, simple.